3-9 Ribbons - Satin & Organza, Cords
10-11 Dragee Confetti(Koyfeta)
12-79 Favors for baptism (bobonieres), made of polyester, ceramic, metal, glass, crystal, wood, magnets, glass jar, Decoratives for baptism. Photoframe, clocks, Fildisi. Jewellery boxes
80-90 Paper box for wedding and baptism. Packing items
91-96 Gift bag bobonieres for baptism
97-100Fabric Decoratives for mpomponieres, Nipples
101-102Gift bag for baptism
103-127Decoratives, Brooches, Pins, Keychain, Magnets,mask, Butterflies, Filtisi Keychain, Metal Decoratives, Hearts, Shells, Tassels, Wooden Decoratives, Lucky charms,collection 2011.
128Candle Collection,made in Greece
129-155Gift bag for weddings- baptisms, Tulle For wedding cut in pieces, Bobonieres-Flowers, Gift bag for rice
156-161 Tulle (roll packing), Tulle (in pieces), Mesh Net
162-170Martyrika, Crosses
171-177 Baby Shocks
178-181 Baby shoes
182-185 "Ladopana"
186-187Decorative Oil Set
188-193 Decorated lampades, Decoration for Lampades (baptism candle)
194-199Σετ Oil set, Bears,
200Candles for wedding and baprism, "Troyfes" Wooden boat
201-208Baskets, Wooden boxes, Paper boxes, Blankets
209-211Handmade flowers
212-227Flowers, Gloves for bride,Potpourri,Crown boxes
228Wine sets for wedding
229-233Crowns, Decorated rice baskets
234-240Nets for decoration,Pearl, Sequins, Tassels, keychain, Lucky eye
238Guest Book, Wedding book
245-246Trees for "hanging bobonieres"
247Flower for wedding
248-261Metal stands for candles lampades, Gifts
262PVC Boxes for gifts
263Air Conditioner
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